About Us


My name is Marisa, I am married to a wonderful, caring and loving husband & father named Travis. We are situated in North Haven (Adelaide), Australia.Our daughters name is Indi, we chose this name as we thought it was unique and not a common name, as well as being short and shiny. Indi was born late in December 2016, 2 days after Christmas on the 27th at 4:48pm to be exact. I had planned to take 6 months off work and embrace my new baby girl, as she was my one and only. As my leave ended, I decided not to return to work at my previous workplace, instead picking up a couple extra days at my mums business, I am very fortunate I could do this, as now I can watch my Indi girl grow and be with her most days. I also took a leap of faith and started a small home based business, this is where Miss Indi Girl began, nothing big, no shop front, no employees, just myself doing it as a hobby hoping that one day I can pass a successful business down to my daughter.

I am like most mums, some days I struggle and question myself if I can do this, then a little voice brings me back and tells me "You have no choice honey, so pick up the pieces and move onto the next day". I love everyday I spend with my girl, and I will never take a day for granted. 

Going forward with Miss Indi Girl, I hope to continue to grow & expand while being very affordable, providing well made items. We stock our own brand of course as well as a couple well known handmade brands which are made locally in Adelaide, South Australia and Sydney, Australia, also items sourced worldwide.



Marisa xx